VSF1700 stirring elevator furnace

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The vacuum lifting furnace atmosphere with silicon molybdenum rods for heating element, the three layer of shell structure and yu electrical 30 program temperature control system, phase shift trigger, thyristor control, furnace using 1800 type of polycrystal alumina fibre materials imported from Japan, between the furnace shell is equipped with air cooling system, can rise quickly cooling, &energy-saving equilibrium temperature field, low surface temperature and elevating temperature rate quickly, the advantages of energy saving, convenient take material, don't need a crucible tongs stretch into the furnace, suitable for high temperature material taking and vacuum sintering in high temperature annealing is colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises do powder sintering, ceramic sintering, glass melting, high temperature experiment, the ideal product quality inspection.

The sealing of the furnace is very good. It can be used in vacuum or atmosphere, and it can ensure that the pressure gauge is not deflected for 8 hours.  

Software control system: this furnace is equipped with communication interface and software, can be directly through the furnace computer control of each parameter, and can be observed from the computer PV on the stove and SV temperature and the running situation, the actual temperature of the furnace curve drawing computer real time, and can keep the temperature data of each time, can call up at any time. (optional) 

Open door protection system:  the furnace is equipped with a travel switch. When the door of the furnace is opened, it will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure the user's safety.

Furnace material:  adopt Japan imported furnace material, not drop powder, material heat preservation performance good, reflectance high, temperature field balance, anti - heat gain cold - shrinkage ability.  

Sealing system:  this furnace top and oven door (elsewhere has good welding) adopt the silicone seal o-rings extrusion, unloading convenient, repeatable pulled, good air tightness and pressure gauge pointer deflection not can ensure 8 hours.

The furnace USES a three-layer shell structure, and the seal layer has a layer of internal urchin, which does not squeeze to the furnace when vacuuming.

Heating element: adopt 1800 Dia7MM silicon molybdenum, with low surface load, balanced temperature field and long service life.

Gas supply system: the furnace is equipped with float flowmeter, and the customer can control the flow rate of the gas through float meter or proton flowmeter (proton flowmeter is chosen).

Leakage protection function: the furnace is equipped with a leaky air switch to ensure the safety of use when the furnace leaks power.

Lifting system: adopt automatic lifting and lifting stainless steel electric push rod. After pressing the lifting or lowering button, the material will rise and fall with the lifting tray.

Travel switch: when the lifting rod is at the highest or lowest point, the travel switch will automatically cut off the lifting rod, so that it will not rise or fall. 

The advantage of atmosphere lifting furnace:

1. It can be evenly distributed on all sides of the furnace, and the temperature field is more balanced. 

2. It is convenient to take the material, especially at high temperature, to take the material, etc., when the material is lowered from the furnace, the user will take it from the pallet, so that the heat of the furnace will not be hot and the person will not be burned.

3. There are four struts around the tray, and the material is very smooth on the tray.  

4. At the lower part of the furnace, the lowest temperature is conducive to sealing the sealing ring and extending the life of the sealing ring.

(Optional)Explosion-proof system: the explosion-proof system is composed of solenoid valve, microcomputer, pressure display and transmitter, 24V power supply and ac contactor. The pressure inside the furnace through the display and pressure transmitter into electrical signal is transmitted to the microcomputer, microcomputer through comparing with set value, and then gives the signal control of ac contactor, to control the on-off of the solenoid valve. When the furnace pressure is greater than we set pressure, without the permission of the solenoid valve opening soon, have a blast effect, electromagnetic valve we installed the trachea, users can connect the gas pipe line to outdoor 

The explosion protection system has many advantages:

(1) it has repeatability: the solenoid valve opens when the pressure is greater than the set value, and the solenoid valve is closed when the pressure is lower than the set value, unlike the mechanical riot gear, which is not used once.

(2) the set value can be adjusted: the user can adjust the opening pressure of the solenoid valve according to the need

(3) explosion-proof points are very sensitive: due to microcomputer and electrical signals, the pressure is immediately exploded at the explosion point.

(4) safety of explosion - proof system: no debris flies out when the explosion is off. (if you use a mechanical type of glass to fly out)

(5), explosion-proof system stability is good, because of USES the microcomputer and solenoid valve, to our set point will initiation, the user and can test, unlike the mechanical cannot test, to the point of explosion-proof will open also has a lot of uncertainty.










Chamber size(mm)




Overall meas.(mm)

660X675X 1380

660X 675X1430






N.W.(KG) 265 280 310





Heating element

silicon carbide rod

Temperature controller 

40 programmable segments (Shimaden fp93 made in Japan), 

It can separate into 4,2,1 programs, ie. 4x10 segments.

FP93 have 6 PID controls, different PID are used for low,middle,

high temperature for precise control.

Over-temperature and over-current protection, shutdown automatically when thermocouple is broken

( it will shut down power when temperature is higher than 1620⁰or thermocouples is broken, 

"ON" on the board is off and "OFF" is on)

There is Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) for option.

With 485 communication interface: which can stop the furnace automatically.


1600Alumina polycrystalline fiber. Imported from Japan

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1 ℃


Phase-shift trigger

Power control


Controlled silicon

Germany Semikron 106/16E

Max. Temperature

1700 ℃

Constant temperature

1600 ℃

Max. Vacuum Temperature


Vacuum level in cold


Heating Rate

≤20 ℃/ Min

Recommended Heating Rate

≤10 ℃/ Min


Type B

Surface temperature


Safe protection system

The furnace door is equipped with a travel switch, and when the furnace door is lowered, the power supply will be automatically cut off to prevent the electric shock from touching the heating element.

Air switch

 The furnace is equipped with air switch, and when the current exceeds the rated current of the air, the empty meeting automatically jumps open and effectively protects the furnace



Position limit switch

When the lifting rod is at its highest or lowest point, the position limit switch will automatically cut off the lift bar, so that it will not rise or fall

Electric push rod power


Electric push rod lifting speed

420mm/ Min


Gas atmosphere

the highest temperature in all kinds of atmosphere









 vacuum   1500℃

Wet H2


Dry H2



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