The ryl-50-20 vacuum furnace

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I. equipment characteristics
This furnace is cycle operation type, which are widely used in hard alloy, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy and so on under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum hot-pressing sintering processing, can also be used in hot compacting sintering gas protection case.
II. Structure composition
1. Furnace cover
2, furnace body
3. Furnace bottom
5. Vacuum system
6. Hydraulic system
7. Water cooling system
8. Heating element and thermal insulation screen
9.Automatic filling system
10, power control system
11. Control system
12, transformer and connecting copper row
III. Structure description
1. Furnace cover: the double-layer water sandwich structure is adopted, the inner wall is SUS304 stainless steel polishing, the outer wall is high quality carbon steel, and the spraying anti-rust treatment is adopted.
Equipped with head, shielding, locking device and opening device, water cooling device is provided.
2, furnace: the double water sandwich structure, internal and external walls are of 304 stainless steel, furnace body is divided into two parts, a third for the side door of the furnace cover, two-thirds of the part is fixed furnace, two parts use "O" ring vacuum seal, and set a water-cooling device (prevent because of the high temperature aging "O" ring), is equipped with the thermometer hole, porosity, observation hole shielding.
The electrode is introduced in the furnace body, the three phase heating is favorable to the balance of the power grid, and there is an electrode protective cover.
The furnace is fixed in the rack.
The head and cylinder are fixed to the bottom and top of the rack, detachable.
3. Bottom of the furnace: also adopt double-layer water sandwich head structure, water cooled stainless steel head, inlet valve, displacement sensor, etc.
All stainless steel surfaces are polished.
4. Furnace rack: welded by the structure of the two column frames, the upper and lower head bearings are made of ductile iron, with high pressure strength, smooth finish and high balance.
5, vacuum system, by the mechanical pump and electromagnetic pressure differential valve (prevent due to sudden power failure, mechanical pump oil flow backward), diffusion pump, charging valve, relief valve, butterfly valve, vacuum vacuum pressure gauge (plus or minus Pa), corrugated pipe, vacuum tubes and bracket, etc.
6, hydraulic system: adopt inverter control technology, frequency conversion motor and inverter, pressure sensor, displacement monitor using grating ruler ranging accuracy (0.02 mm), and the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic equipment, pressure adjustment for automatic mode.
The instrument can set the automatic regulating pressure, and can realize automatic voltage and voltage.
7. Water cooling system: consists of water distribution, ball valve, water pressure gauge, filter, etc., and it has the automatic cutting off heating source or function.
Heating elements and insulation: the heat body adopts the German import of 6501 graphite, the purity is high, the resistivity is small, the thermal field is more uniform, the service life is long.
It was made into a cylindrical structure.
It has good thermal conductivity, high temperature, high density, high purity and chemical stability.
8.Heat insulation screen using graphite tube, outer increase carbon felt, the outermost layer is made of stainless steel sleeve are fixed, good insulation effect, good heat resistant to impact, and can quickly heat up, can reach the highest temperature in 90 minutes.
9, the power control system: PID intelligent temperature control table + power controller can realize intelligent adjustment, high reliability, full digital circuit, such as electrical system with over-current, over-voltage feedback and protection circuit, electronic screen box made by Siemens standard, high precision temperature control, easy to operate.
10. Control system: adopt the world class Britain 3504 European instrument control, 500 segment program control temperature, the instrument is 0.1 precision.
11.The transformer and the connected copper platoon: the transformer with the power voltage regulator, the large current voltage and the connected copper row.
This furnace is cycle operation type, which are widely used in hard alloy, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy and so on under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum hot-pressing sintering processing, can also be used in hot compacting sintering gas protection case.



Vacuum carbon tube furnace






Max. Power


Voltage  380V
Phase  3  phases

Maximum heating temperature

2000 ℃

Temperature Stabilizing

PID   Eurotherm 3504 temperature control instrument

500 program control temperature

platen diameter    Dia85
Pressure    10T(pressure accuracy 0.02MPa)
pressure head length   100mm
      Pressure head movement precision  0.01mm
    Effective working size(mm)    Dia160X160

     The extreme vacuum degree of the cold chamber

 5X10 -3Pa

   The pressure ratio of an empty furnace

≤ 2Pa/h

      Air pressure of the cavity  0.05MPa
     Way of pressure  Two-way pressure

      Broken couple protection and display


      over-temperature protection


      over current protection


Under pressure protection (water pressure)


control precision

+/-  1 ℃

Temperature detection mode

  B Thermocouple or infrared thermometer

Max. Heating Rate

 < 20℃/Min

    vacuum chamber cooling method

 water cold

    Observation Window size   Dia90 MM

Cold water machine (optional)



  • Vacuum Unit


Unit input voltage

380V /220V



Vacuum baffle valve


   Engine vacuum pumpTRP-24






Rotation speed



  • Inlet Diameter


The pumping rate of the front pump(L/S)


Ultimate pressure

4X10 -2Pa

    Diffusion pump TK150










Outlet connections


Injection of oil


Extraction rate (N2)


Compound vacuum gauge

Compound vacuum gauge model



 220V   55W

Control precision

± 1%

 Pressure range of vacuum gauge

10-5 -10 Pa 


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